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Channel Partner Alignment

  • AYRUS Distributors serve thousands of solution advisors world wide providing exceptional value added services in the area of sales, order management, marketing and technical support to accelerate the growth of our mutual business partners.
  • National Distributor has to identify the Potential channel partners and provide the details of the partners to AYRUS. Each region there will be one Regional exclusive distributor.
    AYRUS Team will support National Distributor in deploying more number of channel partners in the region assigned.
  • National Distributors are supported and managed through agreements negotiated by Distributor and the channel partners.
  • National Distributor has to Build a Strong Channel Network by understanding the market need and enabling VAR’s and Partners with a superior Multi-Vendor offering and support through AYRUS.
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Marketing Plan

  • AYRUS Team will help Distributors on strategic marketing plans to drive revenue and profitable growth.
  • AYRUS team will conduct competitive analyses and deliver competitive tools to the sales team of Distributor and channels.
  • AYRUS team will help Distributor to develop programs effectively to drive renewal business.
  • AYRUS Team will work closely with Sales Operations on sales enablement and with the channel team on channel enablement to promote selling services.

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