Oil & Gas

Small Steps To Large Scale Improvement

Oil and natural gas are one of the important energy resources. The business process is complicated and includes exploration, drilling and oilfield construction, resource transportation, refinement, storage, and sales. Furthermore, fuels are flammable and explosive, creating a challenge to ensure the security & safety of the entire process & facility. Therefore, it’s an urgent need to build a comprehensive security system to enhance the energy sector as per Industry for surveillance, on-time alerts, and incident investigation, so as to prevent incidents. Loops in security or safety can seriously threaten public health, the environment, the economy, and even national or global security. At the same time, there is a high demand to build infrastructure which provides timely and accurate information to rescue workers, improving the efficiency of rescue work and minimizing loss.

AYRUS provides a professional end-to-end solution for different applications required by the Oil & Gas and energy industry in building a complete visual security system to ensure the security and stable operation of the entire business flow.

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