1. Adopt Ambabrella(Ambar A12) Chipset, Outstanding Video Recording, Stable Product Operation, with HD, low illumination Industrial level 1/3 CMOS Sensor, Image excellent, and colour the more real.

2. Using Embedded real-time operating system and Linux dual system, Device fast Restart, stale for system running, More powerful, can effectively prevent Viruses and other intrusion systems.

3. Professional Waterproof and dustproof design, IP67 Waterproof Rating can effectively prevent the entry of rain and dust. www.ayrusglobal.com

4. Industrial grade plastic and structural design, bare metal can withstand 2.5meters free fall, Fuselage and data will not be damaged.

5. FHD 1080P,30FPS Recording, H264 Encoding, Using Ambabrella Smart super-low stream design to reduce storage capacity.

6. PictureTaken 1200W Megapixel, JPEG Format.

7. HD 2.0inch Display, Diagonal ≧52mm, Optional for OFF screen.