1. Comprehensive functions, stable quality, high-cost performance;
2. Video resolution is adjustable in multiple files, up to 1080P/30 frames;
3. Multi-speed adjustable camera pixels, up to 32 million;
4. Support 8x digital zoom;
5. High-definition 2.0-inch IPS full-view LCD display, no dark corners for
side viewing, bright and clear under strong light;

6. Local playback, fast forward and fast rewind, up to 128 times, faster on-
site forensics;

7. One-click to mark key files during shooting for easy search and
8. Support video pre-recording and extended recording;
9. Infrared mode can be switched manually/automatically, the face is clear
within 6 meters, and the outline of the human body within 12 meters is
10.One machine, one code, dedicated for special personnel, the video file
comes with a date, time, personnel number, machine number watermark;
11.Password protection, equipped with special software to set the
password, unauthorized personnel cannot tamper with and delete files;
12.Support multiple auxiliary functions such as continuous photo shooting,
timing photo, secret shooting mode, car mode, motion detection, etc.