• Smart Stream (Bandwidth, storage and bit rate are saved with Smart Stream ON. eg. H265+ saves 70%-80% bandwidth, that of H264)
• Smart IR II (Combining the High Beam and Low Beam to adjust IR Intensity to fit different lighting conditions.)
• Vb. Content Analysis (With 10 detection modes, VCA greatly enhances the performance dinging comprehensive surveillance function.)
• Advanced Functions (Boasting to support various advanced functions such as HLC, Defog. ROI)
• Multi-Interface (Easy Installation with built-in Microphone. PoE and DC12V)
• SIP (Session Initiation Protocol. Providing audio/alarm/intercom and video streaming for mobile phones and video phones.)
• 3-Axis Mechanical Design (Featuring 3-axis mechanical design for fast and easy adjustment of the camera’s viewing angle.)