spinning speed : Horizontal 0.1°~40°/sec; Vertical 0.1°-40°/sec
Preset speed : Horizontal 40°/sec; Vertical 40°/sec
Rotation angle : Horizontal 0°~360° continuous rotation; Vertical 0°~90°
A-B two-point : scanning Arbitrarily set
A-B two-point : scanning speed Three-speed adjustable



★ 7-inch wireless dome camera
★ Built-in 5db WIFI module, the partition wall can transmit 30 meters
★ Memory card, optional (16G/32G/64G/128G)
★ Outdoor waterproof, waterproof grade: IP66
★ 2 million pixels (1920X1080P)
★ Optical zoom: 33X (4.7-103.4MM, 4.7-141MM)
★ 8 Ф14 dot matrix infrared lights, effective night vision distance up to 150 meters
★ Rotation range: 0°~360° in the horizontal direction, 0°~90° in vertical direction Rotation speed: horizontal speed 0.1°~40°/S; vertical speed: 0.1°-40°/S
★ Power supply: DC: 12V 3A