AY-GPS900 is a vehicle GPS Tracker with wide range voltage input, compact size, and built-in GPS/GSM antenna. It’s ideally suitable for motorcycle, electro mobile and common vehicles in the anti-theft and tracking market.



◆ Wide range voltage input range: DC 9-100V
◆ Supports GPS/BeiDou dual-mode positioning
◆ ACC detects engine status and indicates the vehicle status
◆ Supports OTA upgrading, reduce maintenance on site
◆ Supports to connect engine cut relay, remote to control the vehicle
◆ Real-time GPS tracking, History playback, Blind data storage, Cornering compensation
◆ Supports 2 guardian numbers to remote monitoring and receiving alarms
◆ Built-in G-sensor to save the power in the sleeping mode and anti-theft reminding
◆ Built-in back-up battery, accomplish to trigger the power off alarm when the power line is cut illegally