Smart Home security Kit -C1


Smart Home Security Kit

What devices include in this kit?

  • Smart IP Camera (AY-HA-101SCM)*1
  • PIR Motion Detector (AY-HA-206AL) *1
  • Door Sensor (AY-HA-203AL) * 1
  • CO Detector (AY-HA-201AL) * 1
  • Wireless Remote Controller (AY-HA-209AL) * 1


AY-HA-501SHKIT is a smart home security kit including 720P Smart IP Camera, Door Sensor, CO Detector, PIR sensor and remote controller. All devices can connect wirelessly through RF (Radio Frequency) and there is useful alarm video linkage function.With the help of IP Camera, user can monitor his home through cellphone. Once any alarm exists from door sensor or CO detector or PIR sensor, it will trigger camera to take snapshot and video. User can receive push notification and check the videos & snapshots by one click. Compared to traditional alarm system, Ayrus Smart Home security system is more useful and secure.