* H.264/H.265 compression records at a lower bit rate for high quality playback, longer recording with less storage required
* DVR Processor using Hi3520/3521/3531
With using HD Video processing RAM NXP6124B/SAM/Other
* support mobile phone live view via GPRS/CDMA/EDGE/3G net
* Multitask processor for simultaneous recording, network surveillance and
mobile phone live view
* Support 4-channel playback at the same time, classification of inquiring via
seconds, convenient to index and record
* Video Output: VGA, HDMI: (supporting 4K, 1920*1080, 1280*720, 1440*900, 1280*1024,
1024*768, 800*600)
* Professional file system:
1 Avoid disk fragments among subsection recording
2 Protect private data with extreme security
3 Supports SATA HDD of all capacity up to 4TB smoothly
* User-friendly interface: 16-bit true color, semi-transparent graphical user interface with instruction hint on screen. Easier control with USB mouse
* Suitable for fields as supermarkets, chain stores, community security or villa
* Hi-speed backup/upgrade/record via USB2.0
* Virus free Linux O/S, auto system upgrading
* Unparalleled reliability for 24X7 operating