• Support corresponding channel of face comparison at the same time
• Support the classification of face recognition black and white lists and triggers various linkage methods
• Support to search for pictures and video files by face
• Support on-site capture, batch import, add face database, preview snapshot interface add face database, add smart snapshot history face database, export face database
• Support HTTP push face image docking and related configuration
• H.265+/H.265/H.264 dual-stream decoding, embedded Linux operating system
• Support synchronous recording, remote monitoring, backup; up to 16CH video synchronous playback and multi-channel backward playback
• Support 30min instant playback, 30s pre-record
• Standard ONVIF, SLINK, RTSP protocol
• Support DDNS, EMAIL, UPNP, NTP, P2P and other functions
• Support IE, mobile phone APP, VMS monitoring
• Support external alarm; Two-way audio intercom
• Support our Smart IPC: Target Count, Object Left/Lost, Electric Fence, Line Crossing, Face Grouping List, Face Detection, Humanoid Detection, Retrograde Detection, Leave Position Detection