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Service Policy

AYRUS offers Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) service for the defective products to direct purchase with in the warranty period subjects to below requirements. If you are an end user, please contact our distributor /channel Partner or support@ayrusglobal.com

Below information is for your reference


Ask our Service desk for an RMA by phone / email or download from our website online.

The client will send the Defective product along with RMA form to our distributor. Our distributor/expert team will  inspect the product and identify the defect. If its under warranty then client  receive an order conformation from distributor.

Out of warranty service 

Once the customer brings up an out of warranty product to AYRUS ,then AYRUS will sent the estimated cost to the customer and it could sign the estimated copy back to AYRUS. In case the device considered as unrepairable ,AYRUS shall contact the customer. Customer can choose return the same device or scrap device. Scrap device bearing all the cost and obligations under its territory.


The customer shall pay the shipment charges returning charges to AYRUS. AYRUS does not bear any loss caused by during the shipping prosses.